NEW IN-PERSON MEETING NA in the PARK - WED & SUN 7pm, Caldwell Park


Shasta-Trinity ASC of NA Resumption of In-Person Meetings letter
Recommendations and steps for considering if resuming in-person meetings is right for your group:
  • Conduct a group level business meeting to get group conscience regarding resuming meeting and review the guidelines and checklist to determine if compliance is feasible for the group.
  • Contact meeting facility to determine if they are able to host the group with adherence to the Social Distancing Protocols and advise that the current Narcotics Anonymous insurance policy will not cover the Coronavirus.
  • Items to consider/discuss - Does the facility have extra cleaning charges? Can the group provide cleaning supplies needed for sanitizing twice per meeting and service members to perform such actions? Will the facility be able to accommodate extra time allowed before and after the meeting to allow for social distancing setup and sanitation? Any additional requirements from the facility? Does the facility have a larger room available?
  • Complete the "Reopen Plan Checklist" (groups may use the suggested version for NA meetings or thoroughly create their own) and return a copy of the completed Reopen plan to the Shasta Trinity PRHI subcommittee to have the meeting listed on the current meeting schedule.

Northern California PR Regarding the Future of Opening Meetings letter
A copy of the letter from the Northern California Regional Service Committee (NCRSC) Public Relations Committee Regarding the Future of Opening Meetings During Pandemic.

Shasta-Trinity ASC of NA Reopen Plan Checklist
"Reopen Plan Checklist" for Shasta and Trinity County Narcotics Anonymous. This protocol is a suggestion for groups to use if they wish in order to be in compliance. It is not a directive. If groups choose to fill out their own "Reopen Plan Checklist" and list all measures being taken to ensure compliance they may do so.  Original reopen checklist can be found on the Shasta County Public Health Office website.

Shasta-Trinity ASC of NA Signage
Signage that groups may use, if they wish, in order to be in compliance. Groups may choose to create their own signage as long as it meets the requirements listed in "Reopen Plan Checklist" of the Public Health Order:
  • COVID-19 Symptom check for anyone that enters the meeting facility.
  • Shasta County Social Distancing Signage stating Maximum Capacity Allowed in Facility.
Online meetings through Zoom (go to and join by Meeting ID or click on links below)

Time And Day
  Zoom Meeting ID
(click to join)
(if asked)
  One Tap Mobile
(long distance call)
Group Name
  12:00 noon, MON, TUE, THU, FRI   835420103    none    16699006833,,835420103#    none    It's A Way of Life group
  12:00 noon WED   342665242    none    16699009128,,342665242#    none    Book Study - Living Clean
  6:00 pm THU   2264624830    none    16699006833,,2264624830#    none    Men Can Adapt - Stag Meeting
  10:00 am SAT   741890319    830251    16699006833,,741890319#    830251    Wake Up To Recovery
  7:00 pm, MON-SAT & 11:00 am SUN   211888250    none    16699009128,,211888250#    none    Topic/Open Discussion
  7:00 pm SUN   2264624830    none    16699006833,,2264624830#    none    Sunday Book Study

You can find more meetings online or by phone at

24/7 Infinity Marathon Meeting via telephone

​On Phone, Tap to Dial Marathon Meeting 712.770.5326,,499271#

​About Our Phone Meetings and How They Work

​​How Phone Line Meetings Work: Dial phone number and enter access code and the pound (#) symbol or tap underlined number on your phone to call automatically including access code. Follow any prompts. You are now in the meeting! Press * and then 6 (*6) to mute and unmute your phone. A voice prompt will tell you if you are muted or not. It is best to stay muted except to share or read. When you are muted you can hear everything but your background noise is cancelled out. Speakers and some Bluetooths cause echoing so please don’t use them when you are off mute. The Chairperson will give you any further instructions.​​

​Originally started in 2008 as Outreach to carry an NA meeting to a hospitalized member in Florida (Joe Marcos who later passed clean), teleconference meetings have grown to meet the needs of many members. The diversity of our membership is represented by hospitalized and home-bound members, older members who can no longer get out, professional drivers on the road, geographically-challenged members, parents at home with children, storm victims who swell our meetings until the weather clears, members of smaller communities seeking more diversity or anonymity for gut level sharing and those who are simply looking for a different flavor of recovery. And now, of course, pandemic self-isolating members.  NA teleconference meetings are a wonderful addition to a well-rounded recovery platform, can serve as life-saving outreach and are a great way to expand your support network nationally or even internationally. However, they are not a replacement for face-to-face meeting attendance. Attend your local NA as soon as you are able to safely. Share some hugs.

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